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About Grant
Grant Couch is a Co-Founder of the Conservative Caucus of the non-partisan group Citizens' Climate Lobby and gives talks around the country on market-based solutions to climate change from a conservative's perspective.
Grant graduated from Lehigh University in 1971 with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA. He spent his career in the financial services industry at a number of Wall Street firms. He retired from full-time work in the financial industry in 2008 as the President and COO of Countrywide Securities Corp and moved to Boulder in 2008 to be the CEO of Louisville-based Sounds True until 2010. He was the Chairman of the Bank of Manhattan and Manhattan Bancorp until retiring from the position in 2015. Grant is currently a member of the investment committee of Aravaipa Ventures a Boulder-based, impact technology VC fund; and is a financial advisor to FPMT.