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Zen Peacemakers
Grant is also deeply involved with Zen Peacemakers (ZP). He serves on the Board of ZP and is a sensei in the Hakuyu Taizan Maezumi lineage. ZP’s three tenets, Bearing Witness Retreats and meditation are the core of his practice. [more]
Grant joined the Boulder Rotary Club in 2016 and is honored to be part of a group who’s motto is “Service Above Self.” Rotary International offers many ways to serve and Grant’s focus has been on the Rotarian Action Group working on Environmental Sustainability “…involves people making decisions that do no harm to the natural world, with particular emphasis on taking actions that preserve the ability for the environment to renew itself and continue to support human well-being.”
Grant lives in Boulder, CO and Key West, Fl with his wife Louise Pearson.  His daughter Hilary Donnelly lives in Denver with her husband, Eric and their two little girls, Vivienne and Eloise.
Grant also loves building cairns.
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